About us

SEA HORSE is a renowned brand name. Its mattresses and pillows have also been the best sellers in Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore. SEA HORSE mattress has achieved No. 1 in terms of sales volume with lion's share in Hong Kong for 31 consecutive years. This unprecedented record has entirely reflected brand recognition in consumers' mind and has further consolidated its market leadership position. Even 5-star hotels, public organizations, universities, dormitories and elderly homes patronize SEA HORSE mattresses and pillows. All of these further prove the extra-ordinary quality and professional image of SEA HORSE, in which it has been recognized by all walks of life. In the future, SEA HORSE will continue to excel in the industry.



SEA HORSE strives to manufacture high quality mattresses and pillows at affordable prices, while continuing to develop high-density foams that offer various levels of firmness to meet the ever changing needs of its discerning customers. Offering customers a good sleep with reasonable prices is always our mission.