Delivery Charges

Free Delivery

Kuala Lumpur / Johor Bahru / Melaka / Pulau Pinang - Free delivery (without Assembly) with purchase RM 2,000 or above

(West Malaysia)
Delivery Charge
(Purchase less than RM2,000)
Kuala Lumpur RM 50
Selangor RM 50
Johor Bahru RM 50
Melaka RM 150
Putrajaya RM 50
Pulau Pinang RM 150
Negeri Sembilan RM 250
Perak RM 300
Kedah RM 550
Perlis RM 550

*Effective on: Jan 7, 2020

*For delivery in East Coast Malaysia (Kelantan, Pahang, Terengganu) and East Malaysia (Labuan, Sabah, Sarawak) regions, please contact Customer Service Hotline (+603 5611 2951)  for delivery quotation

*Delivery & Assembly Charge is FREE with purchase RM2,000 above. Assembly Charge is RM99 with purchase less than RM2,000.

*Subcharge of RM10 will be added if delivery is scheduled on Saturday, even customer spend over RM2,000.

*Subcharge of RM15 on each level if apartment does not have elevator.

*Delivery Charges are subject to change without prior notice

*For more delivery and refund policy, please click here